Love Letter 6

                     Something you need     Something was told
                  was mentioned by me,     I would like to eat,
                              mom bought it.    mom prepared it.
                         It's been five days     It's every time
                  you're away from here,     I'm stepping outside,
                      grandma's counting.    dad and brother is caring.
         ("when will he come back?")     ("ride carefully!")

         When your name comes out     When my name was heard
                 from my family's voice,     in your house.
                                  you are not     I am not
               merely my boy anymore.    merely your girl anymore.

        You are a part, a sweet habit.     I am a member, a matter of course.

                                    I love you.     You love me.
                       My family love you.    Your family love me.

                        You are definitely      I am obviously
                   not only a son in law,     not just a daughter in law,
                          but a son in love.    also a daughter in love.


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(LOVE) so touching :)